Khatif Consult is a fully owned subsidiary of Khatif Holding KCSC, a Kuwaiti based acquisition (Private Equity) Company that was established in 2008.

The founders and team members of Khatif Consult bring with them decades of direct, front-line experiences in Business Analysis (Legal, financial, operational) and Policies & Procedures Manuals, Human Resources Assessment, Investment Analysis, Feasibility Studies, Business Plans, Banking, Valuations, Capital Markets, Risk Management, Corporate Governance, Compliance, Auditing, Finance, Anti-Money Laundering and Training, with a large number of satisfied clients world-wide.

Since inception in 2009, Khatif Consult has been engaged in many consultancy transactions including Family Business Restructuring, Financial Planning, Due Diligence (Financial, Legal and Corporate Restructuring), Business Advisory, Policies & Procedures Manuals, Acquisition Analysis, Debt Restructuring, Business Buyouts, Private Placements, and more.


Khatif Consult Vision

To become one of the major financial and investment consulting firms in the MENA region.


Khatif Consult Mission

Promote successful business practices through offering professional financial and investment advisory services, and training.

Consulting Services Offered

Corporate Restructuring

  • Legal, Financial and Operational Restructuring
  • Organizational Structure
  • Corporate Governance
  • Authority Matrixg

Policies and procedures manuals

  • Operations, Finance and Accounting
  • Risk Management, Corporate Governance & Compliance
  • HR
  • Procurement

Corporate finance

  • Feasibility studies
  • Business plans
  • Due diligence
  • Valuations
  • Cash flow projection
  • Financial analyses

Economic, market, and business studies

  • Country analyses
  • Industry/sector analyses
  • Market research
  • Risk report

Other Consultancy Service

Corporate Restructuring

  • Risk management
  • Setting up companies and divisions
  • Management of companies
  • Launch management
  • Review the progress of projects
  • Negotiating loans/rescheduling
  • Liaising between businessmen and financiers

Corporate Restructuring

  • Operations, finance, accounting, internal audits, and reviews
  • Review contracts for projects
  • Providing technical assistance to companies on financial related areas
  • Capacity Building & Training
  • Change Management
  • LBOs