LEBANZA water is unique in its combination of purity & minerals. It is extracted from one of the purest water sources in the world in the center of SPAIN.

Mizin Holding Company B.S.C.C

Khatif Holding has established Mizin holding company with some partners in Kuwait and the kingdom of Saudi Arabia well experienced in the real estate sector.

Promastar and Oracle Platinum Partners

Promastar - The Project Management Star is a professional consulting house of expertise established in the UK in year 2000.

Ashabakat Technical Network for Computers

Ashabakat was formed in 2009, with the aim of establishing a national company that is committed to providing top-quality product and services in the IT sector at competitive prices in Kuwait market.

Joud Real Estate Services Company W.L.L

Established at the end of 2009 by Mizin Holding and Khatif plus a Kuwaiti partner. Joud is the real estate property arm of Mizin in Kuwait, it also offers real estate services.

Khatif Epsilon Co.

Khatif Epsilon is a niche consulting firm, based in UAE, having offices in Kuwait and India. The team comprises of industry experts providing specialist consulting services within Risk Management, Compliance, HR Advisory and Information Technology and Security areas.